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Design Approach

  1. The process starts with listening to the client.

  2. A program and concept designs will be developed that incorporates the client needs, lifestyle,visions and budget.  The architect works with the client on a one on one basis to make their dreams a reality.

  3. Energy efficient materials and construction are used, and when   feasible passive solar spaces are incorporated in the design.

  4. The completed project should be visually pleasing, harmonize    with nature, and the surrounding built environment.  The interior         spaces should bring joy to all that inhabit them.      

About The Firm

Jo Anne Cone founded her firm in 1984 in Stamford, CT and is a registered Architect in Connecticut and New York.  She is a member of The American Institute of Architects and is certified by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards.  Her built work includes houses in the Northeast and the South.

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